Table of Contents

Interactive Search

While entering the search term into the search field (at the top right) Glossary interactively search for this search term within the whole text of the glossary and filters the list of terms down to those which contain the search term anywhere in their text.

Within the text of the currently selected term all matches of the search term are highlighted with a yellow background.

If the text of the currently selected term does not contain the search term, the selection will be lifted temporarily.


Changing the selection while a search is active

While a search is active, you can select other terms in the (filtered) list of terms normally. The matches of the search will be highlighted with a yellow background within the text (origin and description) of the currently selected term.

Ending a search

To end a search you clear the search field, e.g. by clicking the clear button at the right of the search field. After a search has been ended the complete list of terms will be shown again and the yellow highlights will be removed. If the selection has been temporarily lifted (because the text of the originally selected term did not contain the search term) and no other term has been selected during the search, the original selection will be restored.