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Glossary can be integrated with a bibliography database using the BibTex format. The database must be encoded in Unicode (UTF-8) like done by the bibliography database manager BibDesk.

The integration allows to use the citation keys (e.g. Einstein:1905) for references. A click on the little book symbol besides the reference then opens a pop up window showing the cited work.


If the citation key used is not present in the bibliography database, the little book symbol is displayed in a light gray.

reference not present in the bibliography database

Integrating the bibliography database

When there is no bibliography database integrated yet (or if the chosen database is empty or could not be read) a red mark is shown on the book toolbar button.

Book toolbar button with red mark

Clicking the book toolbar button opens a dialog, where you can select the path to the bibliography database file. This is done by selecting the pop up menu "Choose..." in the input field which opens a file dialog where you browse for and select the bibliography database file. The name of bibliography databases using the BibTex format usually ends with ".bib".

If the database could be read successfully, this is shown by a green light and the word "Ok". The entries of the database will be listed in the bottom half of the dialog window.

Errors while reading the database will be indicated by a red light instead. An empty database will be indicated by a yellow light.

Dialog for integrating with a bibliography database

Entering a reference

You can enter the citation key of a reference directly or you can click on the little book symbol to open a pop up window which shows all entries of the bibliography database. After clicking the pop up window once to give it focus you can select a reference from the list.

Like mentioned before the little book symbol is shown in dark gray if the citation key is present in the bibliography database. There is no obligation to just use citation keys contained in the bibliography database but this is good practice.

In addition to the citation key you can give page numbers or similar by separating them from the citation key by a comma:

Reference consisting of citation key and page number

The example shows a citation key "SB-S1" extended with a page number "p. 37".