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In the preferences (menu: Glossary > Preferences...) you can change the fonts used by the application.

preferences window

The settings are seperate for the fonts used on screen and those used for printing.

Changing the fonts for use on screen only applies to new documents, but you can convert existing, open documents to the new settings.

For term (printing only), author and reference the chosen typeface (i.e. including features like bold or italic) is used directly. For origin and description only the font family (e.g. Times or Helvetica) is set, because these field can make use of text formatting.

If font families are chosen for origin or description which do not have bold, italic or bold-italic typefaces, this will be marked with a warning symbol. When converting existing documents the respective text formattings will be lost which is why using such settings is strongly discouraged! In such a case a safety query is made when converting whether you really want to do this.

warning symbol